Caleb Stephen: Media Whinge After ‘Fake News’ Charge Backfires [WND EXCLUSIVE]

WND Exclusive: Caleb Stephen lauds Farah, Drudge, Breitbart for putting MSM on the ropes


By Caleb Stephen, WND columnist

(WND) — The leftist media, having invented the term “fake news” are now whinging and whining about the fact that their false narrative has been rapidly turned around and used against them by their independent media enemies.

In the lead-up to the U.S. election, the MSM collective suddenly discovered this thing they dubbed “fake news” – stuff from prank sites a reasonable person wouldn’t ever believe anyway – and then used the term to smear independent, right-leaning websites that published news from angles that make the leftists cultural Marxists extremely uncomfortable. In fact, truth-packed dissenting opinions trigger them to the point of complete meltdown and shutdown mode.

After spectacularly failing at polling predictions and being on the losing Hillary Clinton bandwagon as her cheerleading squad in the 2016 campaign, big media fabricated and pushed the baseless “fake news” narrative in a concerted and organized attempt to destroy independent media, hoping to salvage some scrap of their own lost credibility.

But, as things go, their plans just didn’t quite work out so well – at least not in the way they intended. The whole thing backfired … spectacularly.

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