Meet Our Editor in Chief

caleb-aug-2016Caleb S. Stephen is a millennial freelance journalist, international columnist and political commentator based in Adelaide, South Australia.

His influential opinion pieces and news stories have appeared in highly-acclaimed, world-renowned news websites including WorldNetDaily (WND), The Daily Caller, LifeSiteNewsThe Times of Israel, The Jerusalem PostThe Huffington Post, The San Francisco Post, IntellihubThe Washington Examiner’s Red Alert Politics and many more.

He is a regular columnist for, the world’s oldest independent news site (founded in 1997) ranked in the top 400 with 6.5 million unique visitors and more than 40 million page views a month.

He is also an international news reporter and associate editor for worldwide grassroots truth organisation headquartered in New York, WeAreChange (WRC), an international news reporter for Intellihub News, an Australian correspondent for and a staff writer for FamilyVoice Australia.

In late 2016, he founded The Caleb Report, Australia and Asia-Pacific’s premier independent and conservative newswire for which he currently serves as Editor in Chief.

As a staunch paleo-conservative and committed Christian, Caleb is passionate about providing a formidable alternative to mainstream media reporting which he believes has progressively lost touch with reality, become a victim of liberal bias and evolved into a machine of the cultural Marxists used to push their sinister agendas.

Based on that premise, Caleb has become a leader and ardent proponent of the new media revolution, a movement which seeks to promote responsible citizen journalism as the future of news media, fights to keep the press free and unfiltered and unabashedly holds liberal corporate media counterparts accountable for their actions.

Caleb’s unique ability to analyse political, social and ethical issues around the world and formulate unique commentary from a Christian perspective makes him a popular commentator in the Christian and conservative media world.

For over half a decade, Caleb worked in the professional web design, hosting, SEO and content marketing industries winning awards for Best Web Design Company of the Year twice. This experience has given him a solid foundation for blazing the trail for Australia’s very first truly independent, Internet based news agency that has a commitment to the highest standards and practices of traditional journalism.

Amongst other things, Caleb is the founder of Pursuit of God Daily and also the co-founder and editor-at-large of Ultimate Survival Gear, Australia’s top emergency preparedness and education website.

The son of a veteran senate candidate and conservative political party state leader, Caleb has held an active and ardent interest in political issues, political history, current affairs, social issues, ethics and the political process from an early age. This exposure to politics has given him years of extensive experience in political campaign management and activism – activities in which he is still involved with to this day.

His primary passions include defending the rights of the unborn; exposing government waste, fraud and abuse of power; highlighting the dangers of Marxism, liberalism and Socialism; holding the corporate media accountable and encouraging young people to “be the change” in this world.

Caleb is open to offers of writing, radio or other media work. If you would like to discuss a potential partnership with him, please email [email protected]

Follow him on Twitter @CalebSOfficial to stay up-to-date with his latest musings, news and commentary.